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Packages and Gift Certificates


    You can purchase here secured through Paypal and payable with any visa/master-card debit/credit. You may also pay in-house using check or cash only.
    • Winter Survival Package $280
      Three (3) 60-minute sessions in a $20
    • One FIx and Two Tweaks $325
      One 90 minute session to thoroughly address the root of the problem and Two 60 minute sessions for future tweaks.   Also great for "high stress" times in your life. Save $25
    • Full Treatment Plan $425
       Three 90 minute sessions to use for top-to-bottom restorative plan over a short period of time, or you may speckle them out over the year. Save $25

    Pay here online and print at home, or we can mail you one of our beautiful card stock certificates, just let us know:
  • Online Gratuity $10
  • Online Gratuity $15
  • Online Gratuity $20
  • Online gratuity $25